Israel Travel Destinations Guide

Israel offers many attractions and activities for tourists, most of them are concentrated in a few cities and areas.
Don’t miss our guides to the top Israel vacation destinations that include information and tips about flights and transportation, hotels, car rental, tours, weather, things to see & do, travel with kids and much more.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the financial and cultural center of Israel, known as “The city that never sleeps” with never-ending nightlife, art, beaches, shopping centers and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

This in-depth city guide will help you plan your vacation in Tel Aviv “The White City” and keep you focused on the must-see & do in the city.

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Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the most holy city in the world, it the top travel destination in Israel.
It offers a fascinating history, spectacular sights, colors & scents and many great attractions for Jewish, Christians and general visitors alike.

Our Jerusalem guide has everything you need to know about this beautiful city, with many insider’s travel tips you don’t want to miss.

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Eilat is a famous Red Sea seashore tourist resort getaway town in southern Israel.
Eilat offers many diverse attractions and activities, anything you can imagine from water sports to desert trips.
Its climate offers great warn weather during the winter months, making it a top destination for travelers from Europe, America and Asia.

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Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel, only an hour and a half drive away from Tel Aviv.
Travel agents and travel-related websites do not mention it as one of Israel’s top vacation destination. Although this may seen right, Haifa does offer some magnificent attractions, and definitely worth a visit.

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