Flights to Eilat

Eilat, the famous resort getaway in southern Israel is a great travel destination with lots of attractions and leisure options.

By far, the easy and fast way to get to Eilat is by plane.
A small international airport serves incoming flights to Eilat, domestic flights from Tel Aviv’s Sde-Dov airport and Ben Gurion airport as well as international flights, mainly from Europe.

In this article we provide important travel info about flights to Eilat. If you plan on visiting Eilat, keep on reading!

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Getting to Eilat

Domestic Flights to Eilat

An internal flight straight to Eilat is a great option for those who arrive to Israel via Ben Gurion airport and wish to begin their vacation in the resort town.

Three Israeli airline companies operate daily flights to and from Eilat: ElAl, Israir and Arkia.
Prices are around 50-100 USD one way, depending on the season.

Travel Tip: Flights early in the morning or late at night are much cheaper than the others.

The airlines that use the small Shde Dov airport (located in north Tel Aviv) are Israir and Arkia.
Ben Gurion international airport (20 minutes drive from Tel Aviv) serves all 3 companies.

Flights frequency
Number of flights changes according to demand, usually there are more flights on Sunday (first weekday).
Arkia: 8-9 daily flights (from Sde-Dob airport), 1-3 (from BG airport)
Israir: 4-5 daily flights (from Sde-Dob airport), 1-3 (from BG airport)
ElAl: 3-4 daily flights in each direction (from BG airport)

Which company to choose?
It doesn’t really matter, ElAl is Israel’s national airline and has bigger planes, the other two are smaller and operate mainly in Israel and Europe.
For the short flight to Eilat what matters is that you fly at the time of day that is most convenient to you and matches your itinerary.
In fact, airport location matters more, if you are in Tel Aviv it is easier to use Sde-Dov airport, on the other hand if you land in Israel at Ben Gurion airport and want to continue straight to Eilat then you should look for a connection from the same airport.

You can find schedule details on the flights and book here:
ElAl website
Arkia website
Israir website

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International Flights to Eilat

Although most tourists that arrive to Israel by plane land at Ben Gurion international airport, it is also possible to enter the country via Eilat’s airport. This option is best for those who do not plan on visiting Israel’s center or north, and wish to enter and leave Israel via Eilat.

There are many airlines that operate to Eilat, mainly from Europe. Here are a few examples:
Israeli companies: Israir (Ovda airport)
foreign companies: Aeroflot Russian Airlines (from Moscow, Ovda airport)

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Eilat Airports

There are two airports that serve Eilat, the bigger and most frequently used is located at city center while the other is a very small airport about 50km (31 miles) north of Eilat.

Eilat airport

Well, there is nothing much to say about it. It’s located close to city center, you can’t miss it.
After landing at Eilat, take a taxi from the station next to the terminal to your hotel, it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.
There is no parking in the airport itself, but there are two parking lots nearby.

Airlines that land at Eilat airport
Israeli airlines: ElAl, Israir, Arkia
Others: N/A

Additional information
Airport code: ETH
Flights info service telephone: 1-700-705022 (press 2 for English).
Eilat airport website

Ovda airport

This is another airport about 50 km north of Eilat, if you get to Israel via this small airport, a bus service will take you to Eilat, passing all the major hotels along the way.

Airlines that land at Ovda airport
Israeli airlines: Israir (flights from Europe), Arkia, ElAl
Others: Aeroflot Russian Airlines (from Moscow)

Additional information
Airport code: DVA
Ovda airport website

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