A Day Trip to Haifa

When you come to Israel you cannot miss a visit to Haifa. Haifa is loved by tourists and locals alike. Haifa is the main port city of Israel, and it has such a unique charm and so many different attractions that are suitable for all ages. From the Carmel Mountain you can see the port from different angles which offer spectacular sights that should be experienced firsthand.

While Haifa is located in the North of Israel it is within easy access from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is definitely a smart choice for a day trip so let’s make it a day in Haifa!

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Getting there

If you are not already staying in one of Haifa’s many hotels you can get there with train, bus, or cab. Choose what works the best for you, but make sure to plan your day well, because the many Haifa attractions demand a smart schedule. If you wake up in one of the hotels by the beach you can start your morning with a stroll by the stunning views of the waves rolling up on the white sand dunes. This will charge you with some fresh air and also make you feel less guilty about all of the goodies that you will eat this day.

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Cultural morning

Have a cultural morning and start in a place important for Jews, namely the cave of Elijah. This cave is located at the lower part of the Carmel Mountain, and it is easily accessed by readymade paths and staircases. The Jewish tradition points this cave out as the one in which Elijah the prophet hid from the kings of Israel.

Close to the cave you will find the great science museum of Haifa. With kids this will be a lovely idea for an inspiring morning, because they offer the kids to take part of scientific experiments especially designed for children, but there are so many Haifa attractions so let’s move on before lunch calls for our attention. Grab a snack and go to the city center of Haifa!

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The Carmelit

No visit to Haifa will be complete without a ride on the Carmelit. This is a subway which will take you up the Carmel Mountain. The end station is located in a posh area with many restaurants and shops. It will make sense to make this ride right before lunch, since you will have so many options of culinary delights. If you had fish in mind you might want to take the Carmelit back down and head for one of the many fish restaurants in the harbor of Haifa. After lunch you can arrange for a boat trip around the harbor.

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Museums and easy site seeing

There are plenty of museums in Haifa, and if you didn’t go to the science museum in the morning, the afternoon might be a good time for this activity. Visit the Haifa Museum with a great variety of items to see and learn about. This museum is well known for their Jewish ritual art. If art is your cup of tea, you can cross the street from the Haifa Museum and visit the Chagall Museum. This museum is one of the best Haifa attractions, and it includes contemporary art exhibits by Israeli artists.

The Bahai Gardens can also be seen as a form of museum where you can walk outdoors in the beautifully arranged gardens. The German Colony is a part of Haifa established in the early 1900s, and here you can enjoy the special houses, some of them still have inscriptions in German. This area also has a lot of shops and stylish coffee houses to explore and enjoy.

If it is not already night and time to search out a pleasant dinner restaurant, you might want to spend some more time by the amazing beaches of Haifa. Take a romantic walk or let the kids get some sand between their toes and breathe that healthy sea air while watching the sun set on the glittering waters.

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