Jerusalem Attractions

There are so many things to see and do in Jerusalem, you probably ask yourself how can I make the most out of my Jerusalem vacation? Well, we have picked up just for you the most important attractions in Jerusalem.

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Time elevator

The Time Elevator is a movie with motion platforms and special effects, offering a few shows, out of which the Jerusalem show is the jewel in the crown.
The Time Elevator Jerusalem, a combination of entertainment and education, takes you through 3000 years of history, focusing on important events like the construction of the City of David and Solomon, destruction of the first and second temples, the birth of Christianity, Roman conquest (Aelia Capitolina), the Islam era, the crusades, the establishment of Israel and finally the 1967 six-day war.
The audio of the show is available in many foreign languages, each person can select their favorite and listen to it using personal surround sound headset.
Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Mandarin (Chinese).
Age limit: minimum 5 years.
Schedule: open daily from 10/12AM to 5/6PM.
Exceptions: Fridays and Jewish holidays eves until 2PM, closed on special days like Yom Kippur.
Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your show time to watch a short mandatory film reviewing safety instructions.
It is recommended to book the tickets in advance.
Price: 54 NIS
Address: 37 Hillel street (city center).
Parking: At the Engineer house parking lot near Agron guest house.
Additional info and tickets: Time Elevator website

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo (Zoological Garden)

Opened in 1993, this is the best zoo in Israel and one of the most popular attractions in Israel, especially for families, attracting millions of visitors, locals and foreign tourists alike (second most visited site in 2010 with more than 700 thousands visitors, the first on that year was Masada).

The zoo offers a vast display of animals living in their natural environment. The focus is on animals that exist today in Israel or has lived in the past in the holy land and are mentioned in the Hebrew bible, but in addition there is a large number of animals that were brought to the zoo from all other the world.

One of the features of the zoo is the fact that the animals are not held in cages, but they live in open areas (separated from the public by natural or artificial barriers like bridges, trenches/moats or glass windows).

The animals
Here are just a few examples of the many different animals at the Jerusalem zoo:
Mammals – lions, sand cats, alpacas, elephants, rhinoceros, bear, wild sheep, many kinds of monkeys, lemurs, gazelles, deers, giraffes, squirrels. Some of them used to or still live in the land of Israel while others were never a part of Israel’s natural habitat.
Birds – swans, pigeons, cranes, pelicans, many kinds of parrots and macaws, many kinds of ducks, and even some birds that are definitely not natives to this region like flamingos and penguins.
Reptiles & Amphibians – many kinds of tortoises, frogs, lizards, snakes and other small creatures.
Fish – the least interesting part of the zoo.
Invertebrates – a few of these small animals that are on display at the zoo are scorpions and snails.
and lots more!

The visitor center is a unique structure that was designed to look like Noah’s Ark, inside you can see films or join lectures in the auditorium, enjoy the gallery with temporary exhibitions, learn about the biblical animals using the computer stations, buy a souvenir at the gift shop or rest at the cafeteria (great views of Jerusalem hills).

The zoo train operates daily (except Saturdays and holidays) and runs in a the circular route, giving the visitors an overview of the zoo, fun time for the kids and assistance to disabled people.

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 9AM – 7PM
Friday & Holiday Eves: 9AM – 4:30PM
Saturday & Holidays 10AM – 6PM
Closed on the special days of Yom Kippur, Holocaust and Independence memorial days.
Tickets may be bought until one our before closing time.
Price: adults 47 NIS ; kids (ages 3-18) 37 NIS ; kids (ages 0-3) enter free of charge.
How to get there?
The zoo is located at Malha neighborhood, southwest Jerusalem.
Bus: No. 26, 33, 99 (the city tour line)
Train: There are two train station stops available for the zoo visitors, one right next to the zoo and another at Malcha shopping mall, a short walk away.
The train line from Tel Aviv Central Savidor to the zoo takes about an hour and a half, the one from Jerusalem Malha to the zoo takes only a few minutes.
Travel tip: Holders of same day Israel Rail ticket get ~10% discount at the zoo ticket office. Israel rail website is here.
Car: For those traveling in Israel with a rental car, parking is available on site.
Accessibility: Most of the site’s area is accessible to both wheelchairs and strollers.
Additional info: website and phone 02-6750111

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