Museums & Galleries in Tel Aviv

The modern city of Tel Aviv offers many museums and art galleries. Even if you are a huge fun of art, you cannot see all of them during a single short visit to the city. We arranged specially for you the list of top art places in Tel Aviv as well as in the surrounding area.
In addition, At the end of this article we listed a few more museums and galleries that worth a visit, so if you are in the neighborhood you should pay them a visit.

Travel Tips

Tel Aviv museums opening hours
Most places are open daily Sunday to Friday (Friday only half a day, usually until 2PM).
Usually closed during Saturdays, holiday eves and holiday days.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Different art trends from 16th to 20th century by international artists (few famous names are Van Gogh, Monet, Picaso, Renuar) as well as local ones.
Address: 27 Shaul-Hamelech Blvd, Tel Aviv
Opening hours: starting 10AM, closed on Sundays.
Entrance fee: adult 42 NIS, free for children up to 18 years of age.
How much time: 2-3 hours
Website: TLV museum of art

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Eretz Israel Museum / Haaretz Museum

A large museum made up of a few buildings, each dedicated to a different theme (archaeology, money through ages, history of the Jewish people, modern history of the State of Israel). Also includes a planetarium.
The exhibitions focus mainly on Jewish history, culture and land, but don’t be mistaken, it is very interesting to all visitors.
Address: 2 Haim Levanon Street, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv
How to get there: Located in the north part of Tel Aviv, near Tel Aviv university.
Take a bus/taxi to the university area, or drive via Ayalon HWY or Namir road and park in one of the paid parking lots around the university.
Opening hours: varies, check website
Entrance fee: adult 42 NIS, free for children up to age of 18.
A visit to the planetarium costs 32 NIS (children as well).
How much time: 3-4 hours, excluding the planetarium show.
Travel tip: Even tough it’s a big and well-known museum, it’s not the best one in town. It worth a visit if you have the time and you are a fan of museums.
Website: Eretz Israel Museum

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Meir Dizengoff Museum / Independence Hall Museum

Learn about Israel history and how it was founded in 1948 in the house of the first mayor of Tel Aviv that has turned into a museum in 1978.
See the very room where Israel’s first prime minister (David Ben Gurion) made the famous speech and declared the establishment of the state of Israel (original video & audio).
Very informative museum with pictures and videos, not a must-see attraction but definitely worth a visit.
Address: Meir Dizengoff Museum is situated in Tel Aviv, 16 Rothschild Blvd.
How to get there: Located in the enter of Tel Aviv, easily reached by taxi, buses pass nearby. Do not drive there by car because parking is a nightmare in that area.
Opening hours: Sunday-Friday 9AM-2PM
How much time: 1 hour.
Entrance fee: 20 NIS.
Travel tips:
1. Take a guided tour to get the most out of the museum.
2. This one is listed as Tel Aviv’s #1 attraction on TripAdvisor website. Do visit it as it’s an important landmark in Israel’s history, and for the Jewish visitors it will probably be moving and exiting, but don’t expect it to be the No. 1 attraction you see in the city.
3. The building also houses a small museum dedicated to biblical-related art.
Additional info
Phone: 03-5173942

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Palmach Museum

Walk through time and learn about the exciting Palmach organization and the freedom fighters and how their story intermingles with the foundation of the state of Israel.
A very unique and nice interactive presentations of video, holograms, animations and other exhibits. Great experience for adults as well as children.
Audio translation of the main film is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.
Booking is mandatory:
Tickets must be ordered in advance. Call 03-6436393 (Sunday-Thursday 9AM-2PM) and book your visit.
Payment is not possible with credit card, so come prepared with Israeli cash.
Entrance limited to 6-year-olds and above.
The visit is in the form of guided tour.
Address: 10 Haim Levanon Street, Ramat Aviv neighborhood
How to get there: Located in the north part of Tel Aviv, near TLV University and the Eretz Israel museum.
Best way is to take a taxi or a bus (Dan or Egged) to the university.
Opening hours: starts at 9AM, last tour at 4:30PM Sun & Mon / 8PM Tue / 1:30 Wed / 4PM Thu / 11:30AM Fri
Duration: the guided tour lasts for about 1.5 hours.
Cost: 30 NIS (child 20 NIS).
Travel tips:
1. Without a booking you will not be allowed to enter the museum.
2. Parking is scarce, try the few city parking lots in the surrounding area (there is one near Eretz Israel museum) and around the university, but it is best if you do not arrive with a rental car.

Additional info
Phone: 03-6436393 ; Website: Palmach (Hebrew only)
A nice video about the museum (Hebrew)

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Litvak Gallery

Litvak gallery is known for its qualitative exhibitions of modern art (glass, painting, sculpture, video and more).
A must-see gallery for art lovers.
Address: Museum Tower, 4 Berkovitz Street, Tel Aviv
Phone: 1-866-2591348 (US Toll Free) , 03-7163897 (local)
How to get there: car/bus/taxi, easy walk from Arlozerov station.
How much time: 1.5-2 hours.
Travel tips: Check out their website for current exhibitions, opening hours and prices.
Website: Litvak gallery ; Litvak gallery (Hebrew, more user-friendly)

Current/recent exhibitions
Dale Chihuly, the number one glass artist in the world ! Dec 2010 – July 2011. Don’t miss it. Facebook event.
For Chihuly exhibition, book a ticket in advance.

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Museum of the Jewish Diaspora (Beth Hatefutsot)

Unique museum dedicated to the history of the Jewish people and the diaspora.
It’s a bit out-dated, don’t expect to see exciting new/interactive exhibits.
Address: Klausner Street, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv. On the campus of TLV University, entrance from Gate 2.
How to get there: bus/taxi to the university area, drive via Ayalon HWY or Namir road.
Parking: use the parking lots around the university, closest one is the Botanical Gardens lot.
Opening hours: varies, check their website.
How much time: 2 hours
Travel tips:
Some Jewish travelers may think this is a must-see during their visit to Israel, other may find it not interesting enough.
We think it should be recommended for visitors with an interest for the Jewish diaspora or for those trying to get information about their family. Not Recommended for youngsters. If you don’t care about Jewish heritage, move on to the next attraction.
Website: Beth Hatefutsot

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The Ilana Goor Museum (Jaffa)

Located in the beautiful and must-visit area of old Jaffa, this is the residents and the gallery of the well-known Israeli artist.
Address: 4 Mazal Dagim Street Tel Aviv
How to get there: bus (Dan lines 10,25,46,88) / taxi is the easiest way / drive to old Jaffa, parking is scarce, there is a paid parking at the entrance to the old Jaffa area.
Opening hours: closed on Mondays, see website for detailed info.
How much time: 1 hour.
Travel tip: Worth a visit while taking a walking tour around old Jaffa.
Website: Ilana Goor Museum

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The Children Museum in Holon

A great museum for children with many activities.

Also for adults!

Dialogue in The Dark
An amazing experience for kids and adults alike, get a glimpse of the world of the blind.
I have taken this one and it’s one of the best experiences ever.
This is a guided tour with mandatory booking, tel: 972-3-6503005
Website: Dialogue in The Dark

Invitation To Silence
An nice experience for kids and adults alike, get a glimpse of the world of the deaf.
I have taken this one as well, it’s not profound as the first one but still worth it.
This one is also guided and booking is required.
Website: Invitation To Silence

Address: Mifraz Shlomo 1, Peretz park, Holon.
Opening hours: see website for detailed info.
How much time: a few hours
Travel tip: Travel websites and agents are not aware of this place, if you have the time and you want to see and feel something different, not related directly to Israel travel, then visit the two unique tours above.

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Other museums and galleries

Hagana museum

Learn the role of the Hagana & Palmach in forming the IDF (Israeli army).
Address: 23 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv
Opening hours: 8AM to 4 PM on weekdays (Sun-Thu), closed on Friday & Saturday.
Duration: 1 hour.

Gordon Gallery

A small gallery with nice and interesting exhibits of modern art (mainly sculpture, video, painting).
Address: Ben Yehuda street, north Tel Aviv
Duration: 0.5-1 hour.

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