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Planning a trip to Israel? Don’t miss this special report about flights to Israel, with many tips and explanations about Israel’s airports and transportation.

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Ben Gurion international airport

This is the largest airport in Israel that serves the majority of the incoming and outgoing flights, and you will probably also arrive to Israel via this airport.
It is quite busy, with dozens of airline companies operate hundreds of daily flights at BGA (partial list follows).

Fast facts

Code: TLV
Terminals: There are 3 terminals at BGA, terminal 3 is the newest one serving all of the international flights, terminal 1 serves the domestic flights (mainly to Eilat).
Location: Ben Gurion airport is located in the center of Israel, about 20 minuted drive from Tel Aviv. Read on for transportation info and tips.
Distances to major cities: Tel Aviv: ? km (? miles) ; Jerusalem: ? km (? miles)
Baggage Storage: The service is available at the western parking lot on the ground floor.
Police station: There is a front post at terminal 3 (next to entrance 11), and a station near terminal 1.
Postal service: Available at the “Sh’hakim” shopping center (closed on Saturdays and holidays).
Parking: There are short and long term parking lots, see below details.
Car rental: Available on site, see below details.
Flight info service telephone: 03-9723332 (press 2 for English and then 1 for arrivals & departures)
Information center telephone: 03-9755555 or *6663
Website: Ben Gurion airport website

Travel tips

Due to enhanced security checks, you are advised to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.

Getting to Ben Gurion airport by car

Arriving to BGA by car is easy through one of two entrances:
1. From highway no. 1 (Tel Aviv-Jerusalem).
2. From no. 40 road (Petach Tikva-Lod).


Short-term parking
Terminal 3:
You can park your car up to 24 hours in this parking lot located near terminal 3.
Price rates: 18 NIS for the first hour, 4 for every additional quarter hour, max 90 per day.
Travel tip: don’t leave your car over 24 hours in this lot or it will be towed away.
Terminal 1:
There is also a short-term parking lot near terminal 1, rates are 16 NIS/hour, 80/day.

Long-term parking
Terminal 3:
Non-roofed lot prices: 40 NIS for up to first 24 hours, 9 for every extra hour (max 40 per day).
Roofed lot prices: 70 NIS for first day/ 12 hourly
Terminal 1:
This parking lot serves the passengers of the domestic flights.
Prices: 40 NIS for first day, 9 for every extra hour (max 40 per day).

Car rental at Ben Gurion airport

The car rental companies are located at the ground floor of the eastern parking facility, in front of Terminal 3 (next to the UPS building).
Car rental companies that operate at BGA: Budget, Avis, Hertz, Eldan & Shlomo Sixt
Gas station is located right next to the east entrance (via road 40).

Getting to Ben Gurion airport by train

The BGA train station is located on level S at terminal 3.
Tickets can be purchased through automated machines on Level G.
A few examples:
A single ride from BGA to center Tel Aviv takes only 15 minutes and costs 14.5 NIS.
A single ride from BGA to Jerusalem takes around 2 hours and costs 22 NIS.
Israel Railways: route planner website, information: 03-6117000 or *5770.

Getting to Ben Gurion airport by bus

Bus services are available at terminal 3, near gates 21 & 23.
Egged bus lines that stop at Airport City (high-tech industrial area near BGA):
249, 423, 475, 930, 943 ,950, 947
From Airport City (Sharon street) take Egged line no. 5 to the airport.
Egged info: website, telephone 03-6948888 or *2800

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Sde Dov airport

This small airport serves domestic flights of Israeli airlines, mainly to Eilat.
The big advantage of this airport is its location in center-north Tel Aviv by the sea, easily accessed from around the city.
It is also pretty small, thus the check-in process is usually quite fast.

Travel tip
Arrive at the airport 60 minutes before take off to allow enough time for the security and check-in processes.

Getting to Sde Dov by car

The following directions assume the driver is in Tel Aviv.
1. From Namir Road north (“Derech Namir”, the main road that leads to the no. 2 highway from Tel Aviv to Haifa), exit at Einstein street towards the airport.
2. From Namir Road south exit at Shay Agnon street.
3. From Ayalon highway (the highway that runs through Tel Aviv from north to south and connects to no. 1 highway to Jerusalem) exit at Rokach boulevard (“Sderot Rokah”).

A secured parking lot is available right next to the airport.
Price: daily rate is 60 NIS (18 per hour for the first few hours), there is no limit to parking period. Use the automatic machines to pay with cash or credit card.
Telephone: 050-9014059

Car rental at Sde Dov airport

The following car rental companies operate service counters at the airport:
Budget, Avis, Hertz & Shlomo Sixt.
Travel tip: You need to contact these companies in advance when renting or returning a car, they will not be able to give you a rental without a reservation.

Getting to Sde Dov: public transportation

There are several bus lines that stop near the airport.
Many bus lines stop at Namir Road, Seminar Hakibutzim station, 7-8 minutes walk from the airport,
26 (Dan) from Bat Yam via Jaffa,
29 (Dan) from the new central station (south Tel Aviv),
89A (Egged) from Holon,
192A (Egged) from Rishon Lezion

The closest train station to Sde-Dov is “Tel Aviv University” station. Unfortunately it is not within a walking distance from the airport, so from there you will need to take a bus or a taxi.

If you are in Tel Aviv area, this is definitely the easiest and fastest way to go, but also the most expensive one.
A taxi station that serves the airport is located right next to it.

Additional information
Sde Dov airport website

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Eilat airports

There are two airports that serve Eilat: Eilat (ETH) and Ovda (DVA).
For all the info about them, read the article Flights to Eilat

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There are numerous flight companies that operate in Israel. Here is a partial list of the major ones.
Travel tip: for security reasons, it is best to fly with ElAl whenever possible, although all airline companies that operate in Israel must adhere to the severe security guidelines of the Israeli authorities.

Israeli airlines

This is the Israeli national airline company, with hundreds of daily flights to almost every major city in the world. ElAl is also considered as the most safe and secure in the world, with very strict and advanced security measures.
A small Israeli company that mostly operates domestic flights in Israel, mainly to Eilat.
It has a few lines to Europe, for example Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Munich, Moscow, Kiev and others.
A small Israeli company that mostly operates domestic flights in Israel.
It has a few lines to Europe, for example Berlin, Amsterdam, London and more.
It used to have a a line to New York, but it stopped back in 2008.

Foreign airlines

Dozens of flight companies from around the world operate regular flight lines to and from Israel.
Following is a short list of the major ones.
US & Canada
Continental airlines, Delta airlines, American Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada.
British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia, Alitalia, K.L.M, EasyJet Aeroflot Russian Airlines.
Thai Airways

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